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Things to Do While Traveling to Newton, NSW Australia

September 10th, 2021

The main street of Newton is King Street, which is also the centre of entertainment and commercial activity. This street becomes the Princess Highway at the southern end after following the spine of a specific long ridge rising up near the Sydney University.

Newton is considered as a bohemian and diverse neighborhood which bustles with activity day and night. Besides the different forms of arts and entertainment, Newton is considered a ‘perfect’ place for all those who love shopping. You have a choice of different shopping centers, street markets and more. There are multiple interesting places here in Newton, catering to the different tastes. Listed below are few of these.

1. Powerhouse Museum:

This museum is located next door to the Darling Harbor at 500 Harris Street. This museum caters to the lovers of technology, design, science, social history and also transport. Exhibitions based on contemporary and historic ideas and technologies which have made an impact on today’s world are held here from time to time. Besides which, there is a permanent display drawing of the diverse and rich collection of this museum.

During the school holidays you have a number of programs being held here which promote creativity and learning. You can also enjoy the different workshops and talks, live performances, film screening which are held here on a regular basis.
The kids have their space for outdoor activities or can occupy themselves at the Lace Study Center, digital media studios and Think space.

2. King Street Theatre:

For all those theatre lovers, this King Street Theatre works out a ‘must see’ as it offers a feast of productions which can be considered as treasures. Formerly known as Newton Theater, the King Street theatre opened its refurbished theatre on the 27th April in 2012. Located on the 1st floor above South End Café on the corner of Bray Street and King Street, this theatre is listed as a heritage site. A separate Foyer space of 60 seats is included with the original 100 seats theatre. This also includes a dressing room/green room for performers, a bar and sound and lighting equipment. This space also caters to rehearsals and functions.

Food in Newton, NSW:

Finding a restaurant or a café according to your taste is not difficult here in Newton, NSW. You have a choice between the French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, and Spanish cuisine and a lot more. You can also opt for the local food here.

1. Farmhouse Kings Cross:

Apt presentation of the food here only adds to the interest. Farmhouse is located in Shop 4 40 Bays water Rd., Sydney, New South Wales 2011. The servings besides being tasty are in abundance. You can say this place is apt for all those who are willing to be adventurous where food is concerned. The friendly staff only adds to the charm of this place.

2. Lumi Bar:

Lumi Bar, 56, Piramma Road, New South Wales is for all those wine lovers. Lumi Bar offers you a choice between multiple different wines besides the finger-licking food. The staff here is not only friendly but has the required knowledge of the food served, which is obviously, an added benefit. You can say the staffs here are artists in the preparation and serving of food.

3. Social Brew Café Restaurant:

For that special cup of coffee, the Social Brew Café Restaurant is just the place. The attentive staff ensures that no customer is kept waiting for long. Besides the cup of coffee you have a good meal awaiting you. The friendly staff only ensures that they pass on the right vibes to each customer, making them feel special. This café fits well into most budget as the food and coffee served here is moderately priced and not over the top.

4. Basket Brothers:

Breakfast with Basket Brothers is cozy and warm. Located in 184, Elizabeth Street, Basket Brothers is apt for that cheese sandwich or the bacon and egg roll, topped with a good cup of coffee. This works out an ideal way to start your day. The staff is attentive and ensures you are not kept waiting for a long period of time. This is one place you would like to visit more than once on an empty stomach.
Market and Shopping Centers in Newton, NSW:
Shopping in Newton, NSW can be a memorable experience if you know where to go and when. Which market can work best for you depend on what you are looking for and of course, your budget?

1. Surry Hills Markets:

The Surly Hills market is considered as hi-fi and casual at the same time. This is one place where you can dig up the rarest of things and at the same time you find crowd which is well-dressed. This is a market of people who are ready to honk off their old stuff and also of emerging designers. Held on the 1st Saturday of every month, the Surly Hills Market offers a wide range of choices in different goods.

2. Newton Village Shopping Center:

Everyday services and other requirements are available here at the Newton Village Shopping Center. This is one place where you can look for trusted names like The Reject Shop, BWS Liquor, Just Cuts and a lot more. Besides this you have the Black Pepper, Gifts and Home wares, a pharmacy, ATM’s Massage and more. In short, this is a shopping center where all your requirements are catered to.

3. Blood worth Bellamy:

There is no way you can overlook the shopping of antiques when visiting Newtown, NSW. Blood worth Bellamy located in 539 King St., is one such place which is a ‘must’ visit. You can choose between the original works curetted in a stylish manner or the treasures of the past.

Planning to visit Newtown, NSW works best in the summer months, which is from December to February. During this time you can enjoy the outdoor activities like cruising, surfing, swimming and more to the maximum.